Wild Planet Spy Video Car

Ok, I confess,  “spy” equipment sold as gifts for kids, used to make me go… “Hmmm… now, why would any kid need this?” Why would a kid want to spy on anything, especially in the dark? Sounded too suspicious for me.

Well, I have a good answer now, as we’re getting this very system for our kids. The answer is hedgehogs. Or, if you prefer, wildlife watching during night time. You see, we recently found out there are hedgehogs living right under our home. I was the lucky one to figure out what those odd noises were, seeing two adult hedgehogs communicating with each other, rather loudly, right next to our home. We think they have a family there with babies, and we really really want to take a look. Since crawling under there is out of the question, with the amount of snakes in our area, we decided to go hi-tech with this:

With real night vision and a quiet car, we hope to be able to get a glimpse of the mysterious nocturnal habitat under our house. The whole stealth mode operation of this toy (?) absolutely thrilled all three boys living in this house (that would be my two kids and grownup husband), and me, I’m just curious to see if we can get a glimpse of baby hedgehogs.

And since this is the gifts for kids blog, I will also mention that this system has one won its spot as one of the top 5 new toys for 2006 – and you can be sure that it makes a super gift for kids (as long as they can get Daddy away from their new toy).

There are plenty of specs you may want to check out first, so here’s the Amazon link where you can read all about this fablous gadget and order it at a great price too: click here for the Wild Planet Spy Video Car on Amazon.

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