In my post about unique stuffed animals toys I did mention one particular brand name – Webkinz. So, what’s so special about these stuffed animals toys? In a stroke of genius, the manufacturers, a company by the name of Ganz, came up with a way to bring them to life – online!

When you purchase a webkinz toy, it comes with its own unique 8 character code. That code lets you log into the Webkinz website and create a virtual “live” pet in the form of the toy that you bought. Once inside the virtual Webkinz world, you need to look after your virtual pet and buy stuff for it, using their own special KinzCash “money”. Getting that game money is a fun challenge in its own right, involving games and tasks presented to you on the site. Trust me, it can be very addictive! It gets even more complicated with various items available for you to purchase in real life, for which you are rewarded in the virtual world.

Did I say addictive already? That’s the main drawback of Webkinz. I highly suggest talking to the parents first, before gifting a child with a Webkinz toy. Granted, not everyone gets addicted, but most do, and parents need to be aware of that particular risk.

First and foremost, Webkinz are stuffed animals. It is possible to enjoy them just for that as well, without bringing their online character to life. These are high quality products, and come highly recommended by this fan of stuffed animals toys.

These are the most popular Webkinz at Amazon.com at the time of posting this. There is a huge selection though, and prices vary from one toy to another, so browse the main Webkinz page to see it all:

Webkinz by Amazon

webkinz duck webkinz kangaroo webkinz tiger snake

webkinz lovefrog webkinz penguin webkinz rabbit

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