Webkinz Cats

Giving a real live pet is a big no-no, that one we all know by now, I hope. Adopting a cat or a dog is a major decision which involves the entire family, so any kittens for sale ads should be avoided. If you’re looking for a Kitty for a young ailurophile, then one of these is sure to be a hit: The Webkinz Cats!

Webkinz Persian Cat

They are all fluffy and plush, each in a unique design, and all of them are totally adorable. Like other Webkinz, they are brought to life on the Internet, in the Webkinz website, with each individual purchased toy having its own virtual character on the site.

Webkinz Himalayan

The Webkinz Persian and Himalayan are two of the most favorite Webkinz cats on Amazon.com. Plush and fancy, these kitties will get along just fine even if you don’t tend to their grooming needs. Something that can’t be said for the real life Persian and Himalyan cats.

Of course, a cat doesn’t have to be a purebred to make a great companion. In fact, why not try the Webkinz Alley cat instead? It’s furry and has the sweetest face that makes you want to hug it, bring it inside and take good care of it. Something that should be done for feral cats too.

Webkinz Alley Cat

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