unique stuffed animal toys

Growing up, I had a huge collection of plush stuffed animal toys. I just loved arranging them all neatly on my bed. I have to say, in later years, as a teenager, what kept me tidying up my room was me wanting to see my beautiful plush toys all neatly arranged in the proper setting.

I love browsing the shelves of stuffed animal toys today as well. And I thought I would share my findings here, as some of the more unique plush toys make perfect gifts to girls of all ages. All small children, and even babies, love stuffed animal toys, but I think that if you go for something which is unique, plush and pretty, it is likely to be a winner with girls in later years as well. So, here are some ultra cute unique finds. Click on the pictures to get to their page on Amazon for the full specs.

One word, before I start my parade… I realize that Webkinz are the most popular plush stuffed toys around. I actually LOVE Webkinz myself so much, that I’m going to dedicate a whole special post just to them. This post is about unique stuffed animal toys by other makers though, so here goes, these won my heart and I think would make excellent gifts –

plush baby penguin stuffed hippo lemur toy

mammoth plush toy platypus toy pot belly pig toy

I absolutely adore these, and you know why? because they are unique and have character. For a child, or even a teenager, one of these can easily become a special friend. Not just another teddy bear, these plush toys are memorable and easy to get attached to. Click on any of the images to get to their product page on Amazon.

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