UGG Boots for Kids

I admit, the first time I ever saw a pair of UGG boots I thought they were kinda ugly. A big soft boot like that, made me think of some kind of a huge slipper. Something best restricted to home use.

Like crocs though, these comfortable designs grow on you. They become popular and once you see them around, they become more attractive. I’m not even sure if it’s because you see them in various dress combinations or a matter of some underlying force of social conformity.

Either way, I now think the UGG boots are cool, and obviously, I’m not the only one. Similarly to the crocs, they managed to create footwear that is just the height of comfort.

They now have kid versions for their most popular models, such as this one – the classic tall UGG boot for kids.

Click here for full details and customers reviews.

My only concern with UGG’s is that they’re made of sheepskin. While it may contribute to the overall warmth and comfort, I’d be happier if they could come up with a synthetic version that does not involve animal products.

For the classic tall UGG boots for kids click here. If you’re looking for other models,click here for the Amazon page showing the most popular UGG models for kids.

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