Transformers Handheld Electronic Game

I still remember how I used to spend hours with my lousy gameboy-wannabe handheld game.  back when I was a kid. There’s something about being able to grab your digital game and take it on the road with you. As a parent, I appreciate the same quality about this game – your kids can use it anywhere and anytime.

This one excels in its theme and design – a red and blue transformer with a screen right in the middle and easy-to-use buttons. According to my six-years-old son, this is no other than Optimus Prime, and this is what the game story is –

get ready to search for and destroy Decepticons in multiple head-to-head battles. The longer you play, the more intense the game becomes. Navigate your way through 10 challenging levels as you activate the Autobot pods and avoid the Decepticons, escape from the Hoover Dam and battle for control of the AllSpark.

According to my son this is “cooooool!” and the Amazon reviews seem to support the verdict. Buyers also mention the game’s durability and continuous appeal over many months.

Best part is the price tag. This gadgets costs under $10! Right now, you can get it for $8 or so at Amazon. Since it’s for a single player, I suggest getting one for each kid for those long boring road trips.

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