They Might Be Giants Songs

Every now and again I pick a category on Amazon and check for the most recent bestsellers. I’m a great believer in the “wisdom of the masses”. People, talk, read, review and compare and you can count on the collective results to reflect what’s hot and what’s not. When you’re a mega-site like Amazon, we are indeed talking masses, so these results can be very meaningful.

These days, I am looking for some good music/audio CD’s for my kids, looking for some variety when traveling with them in the car. What can I say, I was so pleased to find the “They Might Be Giants” songs high up on the list!

These three albums expose kids to good music. They also provide them with a wonderful learning experience, as they sing along to basic concepts in maths and science and the letters of the ABC.

Click for Here Come the ABC’s

Click for Here Come The 123s
And my personal favorite:

Click for Here Comes Science

This trio will make a perfect gift for any kid aged 5-8 and Here Comes Science is good for older kids as well. Recorded under the Disney label, you can be sure of top quality in both content and design.

There are video clips available for the songs, and you can opt for a DVD+CD option or just get the audio CD. Even better – you can sample the songs before you purchase and you can also buy and download specific songs right away from Amazon! Just click on the product page and start having fun – Here Come the ABCsHere Come The 123s
Here Comes Science

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