The Ultimate Secret Formula Lab

Let’s face it, the name itself was enough to sell me on this game. If you can even call it a game.

It’s a chemistry set which includes a super cool base station with a sci-fi look, along with valves, a cylinder, plunger, test tube holder, flask, beaker, petri dish and a variety of other parts which have very scientific names. If nothing else, this kit will teach a kid how to tell a pipette apart from a flask 😉

It’s not just the tools of the trade though, it’s the chemicals themselves. This kit includes calcium chloride, red phenol and calcium hydroxide. Sounds scary? There’s a book that comes with these and explains all about them. The book also covers 40 different experiments of the kind that get kids excited. Get stuff to fizz, bubble up, change color and generally show a captivated audience what chemistry can do. It’s a wonderful chance to teach kids (and let’s face it, adults too) about chemistry and chemicals. With so much hype going around about how chemicals are bad for us, it’s not a bad idea to actually learn something about what chemicals are (hint: we’re made of chemicals).

619wwjLf88L._SL1000_I am all for promoting science and scientific thinking. I think this kit provides yet another cool way for adults to bring kids closer to science and that’s not something to be taken lightly these day and age. It’s an awesome choice for homeschoolers or for gifted young children, aged 8 and above, who can’t wait for advanced chemistry lessons in school!

Check it out on Amazon here and order a kit as a gift for a favorite kid



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