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The Transformers movies are actually PG-13, so my boys, aged only 5 and 7 are not going to be seeing them this summer. This doesn’t mean they’re not crazy about the transformers. The cartoon version is more than enough to make them huge fans. I did a quick survey among their friends, and sure enough, they all drooled over the very thought of getting a real transformers action toy

So, if you’re looking for an awesome gift for any boy aged five to twelve, this one is almost certainly a winner. I am sure there are female fans to the genre too, but if it’s a gift for a girl, I’d say ask her parents first. So, to save you the trouble of figuring out the Transformers (yes, it’s a complicated bunch) and to make sure you get one of the good guys, here are my recommendations:

If you’re on a budget, either one of these two fellows is a good choice:

Transformers Movie 2 Deluxe Bumblebee Figure
Transformers Movie 2 Deluxe Sideswipe

They make a great pair, these two, both are good guys and of course, both turn into sleek beautiful cars (“they are transformers, duh, Mom!”) Get them each or both, as a gift for one boy, or maybe two brothers – they are perfectly matched being the two best selling transformers figures on Amazon.

If you want something even more impressive, you can opt for the Optimus Prime:


This is no other than the brave leader of the galaxy-saving robots, mind! He turns not into a mere cameo, but into a flashy huge truck:


And as such, he comes with a higher price tag, reflecting his numerous weapon systems and unique abilities. Optimus Prime can actually speak when in robot mode and make cool revving sounds when in truck mode. He has lots of flashing lights all over and even snap-out light swords, umm, I mean, energy swords, of course! Duh!

Ok, so I’m not your typical Transformers fan myself, you got me there, but my boys are and they gave a loud seal of approval to these three transformers, so either one, two or all three are sure to make awesome gifts this summer!

Click here for the Bumblebee Figure, click here for the Sideswipe page or click right here for the almighty Optimus Prime. Need more transformers? this link will take you to the transformers search page on Amazon
on Amazon, sorted by popularlity.

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