The Original Stomp Rocket: Ready, set, launch!

It’s time to let kids play outside for a bit, take in the sunshine (before it gets too hot) and keep away from the screens of tv’s, tablets and computers.

Here’s a nifty gadget that will make your kids enjoy spending time outdoors. We have tried this one at home and let me tell you, it didn’t take much to convince the kids or their Dad to go out and play with this awesome stomp rocket.


So, what does this contraption do exactly?

It’s a stand to which you attach a lightweight rocket made of foam. You then attach one end of a plastic hose to the rocket, with the other end connected to a container of air. Yes, just a plastic box-thingy that’s empty and has nothing than air in it. Next comes the fun part: Jump on the plastic container, pushing all of the air out at once, sending it streaming forcibly through the hose and bam! Your rocket is in the air. And you won’t believe how high up in the air it goes! It can go up to 200 feet up, that’s 20 stories high!

The lightweight foam rockets make catching the falling rocket a fun and safe aftermath to the actual launch. There are four rockets, so while the first one is in the air, kids can go on and put the next one in the launcher, in a race to see who can get his or her rocket higher up in the air. Ok, not just kids, trust me, adults can get just as competitive when their inner-NASA-engineer comes out 😉

A perfect gift for summertime, this award-winning game is bound to give kids hours and hours of safe and educational outdoorsy playtime. What more can you ask for? A good price? A quick delivery? Super easy assembly (no batteries required!) You have it all when you order the Stomp Rocket set via Amazon!

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