The Disney Boombox

I came across this one today, and immediately thought “wow, this one is for the blog!”

disney boombox

Kids love music. Ok, kids love anything loud and noisy, and they’re musical tastes aren’t always, ummm, fully developed… They do love having their own “stereo” and with this cool round design in bright red, yellow and black, this Disney Boombox makes a wonderful addition to any children’s room.

I have to say, there is something so classic about those round lines, and the Mickey Mouse silhouette created by the black buttons, that this particular item would be my first choice for any kid, aged between 3 and 12. However, Disney does offer some other designs, with some of the more popular brands of today’s children’s favorite Disney movies. The two that you can’t go wrong with are –

The Disney Princess Jewelry Box/CD Boombox for any young lady who is into pink, fairies and princesses.

disney princess boombox

The cool and cute Disney’s Cars Boom Box where you have Lightning Mcqueen himself playing your kid’s favorite CD’s, where the speakers are actually the rotating car wheels!

Lightning Mcqueen boombox

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