The Crystal Garden

I’m about to remove our little Crystal Garden from the kitchen counter, where various forms of exotic-looking crystals have been growing and flourishing over the past two weeks. Before I do, I wanted to take a minute to recommend this as an absolute gift for kids!

In fact, this kit was a gift to my own son for his eighth birthday, and what a huge success it turned out to be. The kit included several viles and plastic cups, small bottles of liquids and bags of various powders. Assembling the “garden” took about ten enjoyable minutes, where we all got together to play chemists. Then we waited.

The next morning, we woke up to a festive colorful little tree of crystals. The kids were absolutely overjoyed, and pretty much everyone who saw it was impressed. Over the following week, crystals sprouted from the other containers, in more impressive shows of color and structure. Fractals, was just one topic we covered studying together at home, triggered by our Crystal Garden.

So, not for the holidays, by now, but a great gift for winter time, or any time of the year, I can wholeheartedly recommend a Crystal Garden kit.

This kit is great and fairly inexpensive – get it for a colorful garden of nice furry crystals:

And if you want something a bit more elaborate, try this one


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