The Book With No Pictures

A book with no pictures? Surely it’s for grown-ups?

Well, as it happens, this New York Times bestseller is absolutely for kids. And it has zero pictures. Not even a cover picture! It’s all about printed letters and words, in black in white. It really is The Book With No Pictures!


Who would have thought a book with no pictures would be such a strange concept? We’re so used to today’s children’s books being so wonderfully illustrated it seems like blasphemy! Yet this book has raving reviews and kids seem to love it almost as much as parents enjoy reading it aloud to them.

It’s a great choice if you want to buy a book for a favorite child but want it to be not “yet another children’s book”. Prepare yourself for an initial shock on the part of the parents (unless they’ve already heard of this book). Then, once the initial shock has passed and the first pages have been leafed through, you should be seeing pleased smiles. This book is funny and witty and makes the adults read out some pretty strange words, to the delight of the children. What a wonderful way to introduce the love of letters and writing to a child!

Check it out on Amazon and look for the reviews – you’re going to enjoy reading them!



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