Superhero Dress Up Costumes

Moms and Dads know this all too well. A child immersing herself in a fantasy world and playing with imaginary friends for hours. That’s perfectly normal and don’t let horror movies make you think your child has a ghost friend!

All kids enjoy “make believe play”. In fact, it’s a recognized psychological phenomenon, known as “pretend play” in academic circles. It’s a crucial part of a child’s development, allowing him or her to channel inner fears and practice strategies for dealing with challenges (even if only pretend ones) in a safe and secure environment.

Guess what, it’s not even only humans who engage in this kind of play. If you’ve ever seen a kitten or a puppy playing alone, you know they have their own imaginary scenario being played out. It’s simply a part of the way mammals develop.

Back to kids. You can and should encourage pretend play. A great way to do that is by offering props and costumes. A chest, easily accessible to a child, filled with such items is a great way to get them to create their own pretend world and engage in make believe play.

And here’s a great addition to that chest! A set of four capes and face masks matching every kid’s popular superheroes


With these being capes, you don’t really need any special sizing. They should easily fit boys and girls aged 3 to 8 years old. The capes are made of satin, for an extra shiny superhero effect and they easily attach on the back of the neck with velcro straps. Easy to remove too (important for safety!) The masks are made of comfortable felt, easy to wear and take off.

It’s a great choice of superheroes too. You have Captain America, Batman, Superman and Spiderman. The very best team for fighting any danger! With four different costumes, your child can play with friends or even put these on his or her favorite teddy bears for an in-house team, ready to battle evil at any moment!

Really, every family should have these guys fighting for them! It’s an awesome gift for your kid, or for his or her friends. Check it out for more details and order your set on Amazon today.

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