Starlily The Magical Unicorn

I try to keep my posts gender-neutral. It’s going to be difficult with today’s recommendation 😉

StarLily is a pet unicorn. Who wouldn’t want one? I know I would. She’s very pretty and has purple hooves, purple wings and even purple eyelashes! Her favorite treat is a purple strawberry (fortunately, there’s one for her in the package. Whew!) She’s large enough to be held, hugged and cuddled and she’s soft and very sweet-natured.

How do we know that she’s sweet-natured? Well, she talks, you see.


This pretty fantastic (literally!) toy is interactive! StarLily responds to voice and touch with more than 100 sound and motion combinations! When interacting with her, she moves her head and hoof, flutters her wings, makes special sounds, and lights up her horn.

StarLily is not just magical, she’s also hi-tech 😉 She has her own app and her owner will be able to play with her in-real-life and on the screen as well. What a perfect combination for today’s kids!

StarLily is certainly an irresistible gift for kids (not just girls!) aged 4-8! It’s surprisingly affordable and you know you’re buying a quality toy from Hasbro, so it’s worth every penny!

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