Star Wars Still Popular with Kids

Spending some time browsing the toys and games section at Amazon, I decided to see which items were the most popular. Sorting them by popularity, one thing sure did catch my eye. Among every conceivable Webkinz  critter, the Zingo card game and other fashionable kids toys, I found two classical items, that would have been a perfect gift for me back during my childhood, as much as they’d make a perfect gift for my kids today: Star Wars Lego models!

This all times classic is perfect for young boys and girls, and probably for their parents as well 😉 Lots of potential for quality parent-child time, so make sure the recipient’s parents are cooperative and not too possessive! Some of those models definitely are complex and challenging, so make sure the child isn’t too young. While the manufacturer’s recommended age group is six years and over, I think most six years olds would find these intricate models too difficult to put together on their own.

The most popular model?  this nifty 81 pieces model of a real cool Star Wars Imperial Dropship

star wars lego

Why this particular model and not others? I’m not sure really. I guess I’m not enough of a fan. But if you’re looking for a cool gift to make both kids and parents happy, especially parents who grew up in the 70’s and 80’s and were Sci Fi fans, this one has to be a winner!

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