Splish Splash: The Banzai Falls Water Slide

Can you tell it’s summer time? Wherever you are, if it’s in the Northern Hemisphere you are probably feeling the effects of summer all too well. If you’re a parent, then you also get to feel the effects of the summer vacation, don’t you?

So, a special gift idea for high summer time today. It’s the Banzai Falls Water Slide:


Pretty neat, isn’t it? My kids went crazy just looking at the picture. Sure, it’s not cheap, but when you consider the prices of renting such a water slide, the price really does make sense. In fact, it can be a perfect summer solution for a group of families sharing this unit and moving it between backyards, taking turns using it and baby sitting the kids!

Perfect for letting kids get their fun and exercise during hot summer days: let them get up on the climbing wall, and slide down the curve water slide right into the splash pool, or they can make their way inside the built-in wet tunnel to the top of the slide and go down again… The Banzai Falls Water Slide is the best selling item of its kind for a good reason!

It’s durable professional-quality inflatable slide, and comes equipeed with its own continuous-airflow blower motor. Yes, it’s large, but it only takes 3 minutes to get the entire thing inflated and ready to use.

While recommended by the manufacturer for ages 5-15, you can be sure younger kids and even toddlers will find it irresistable. Even with older kids, make sure playtime is always supervised by an adult… and as one happy customer mentioned on the product page on Amazon: “every kid in the entire neighborhood will be at your house.” Yup, it IS that appealing!

Click here for the full product description, prices and shipping policies (you get free shipping on this product if you have Amazon Prime). Get this one as a gift for your kids, or someone else’s and get ready for them to name the fan club after you!

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