Save The World With The Pandemic Board Game

pandemicI love science! I love epidemiology! I love the Pandemic board game!

Afraid of an apocalyptic virus that will bring humanity to its end? You absolutely should be! It is a serious threat and it’s becoming more imminent as the planet’s population grows. Fortunately, we have science on our side, with epidemiologists – scientists whospecialize in monitoring and preventing epidemics – constantly on guard. So far the World Health Organization managed to stop threats such as Swine Flu, Sars and other potentially apocalyptics epidemics which spilled over the borders of their country of origin and turned into pandemics: An epidemic on a global scale.

If the topic fascinates you as much as it fascinates me, and if you want to provide your kids with a better understanding of pandemics than what they see on The Walking Dead, then this board game is perfect for you.

The game simulates a situation where four diseases break out in various corners of the world. You and the other players are scientists working together to save humankind by coming up with a defense plan and prevent an apocalypse.

Yes, that’s right, you are not competing against the other players. All 2-4 players must work together, each playing a different character. The rival is “the board” and just like in real life scenarios, it’s all about teamwork. You either work together, or you lose together.

One of the best things about pandemic is its scientific value. It actually depicts real world patterns of epidemiology fairly well. Players come out of the game knowing more about public health risks and how science deals with them.

This game is not suitable for very young players but kids aged 11 and upwards should do ok, especially since this is a team effort so parents can play along and help out. A great gift for your own family or for friends.

And don’t forget to get vaccinated on time! In real life, that’s how science keeps pandemics from happening!

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