Remote Control Flying Shark Balloon

No wonder this thing has become an instant hit! Just imagine a huge Great White Shark flying through your home – can you say wow? I admit, it sounds so wild, I wasn’t sure at first if this thing would even work, but apparently it does. There are lots of YouTube videos featuring these inflatable marine balloons, but I chose this one, because it shows you how kids can easily operate it and how happy and thrilled everyone is with its performance. It’s a longish video, so feel free to stop at any point and move on to the rest of this post.

Actually, once you see even just a short sequence of that video, there’s not a lot more to add… You can read the technical details (and the positive reviews) on the product page on Amazon, where you can order this beastly toy (or the clownfish variety) at a very affordable price –

Click for the RC Inflatable Great White Shark

Personally, I like the shark balloon best, because of the potential for homemade versions of Jaws. However, for younger children, the clownfish Air Swimmer may be a better choice –

Click for Flying Clownfish Air Swimmer page on Amazon

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