5 Reasons Why Reading Rabbit is the Perfect Gift for Kids Right Now

There’s a reason why this classic computer game/teaching software is a best seller on Amazon right now. Actually, I can think of five good reasons!

  1. Kids love it and will play with it for hours on end.
  2. Parents love it even more knowing their kid is actually learning how to read or do math.
  3. It comes in several levels, so kids can work with the same familiar interface, from per-schoolers to 2nd and 3rd grades.
  4. It works right on your computer. No need for any specific gaming box – just use your PC!
  5. It’s affordable! At the cost of a couple happy meals at McDonald’s you get hours of fun AND learning!

Is it any wonder this is the #1 reading software on the market? oh, and math too…

Check it out here, choose the one that’s best for a child you care about and have it delivered right to your (or their) door.

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