Princess Castle Play-Tent With Glow-In-The-Dark Stars

A play-tent is such a neat concept. It’s like a small cave for a child, all private and secluded, yet one that allows the parent to keep an eye (or at least an ear) on what’s going on.

Here’s the perfect “cave” for a young princess: a pink castle play-tent!


Yup, it’s a play tent that’s shaped like a castle. In pink, of course. It has its own sturdy fiberglass rods so it’s stable and safe to play in. The fabric is polyester, easy to clean with a wet cloth, and durable to last for years of use.

Moving on from the boring technical details (which are important to the queen and king, of course), here’s why any little girl would love to get this tent: It has stars on it which glow in the dark! Just keep the tent well-lit during for 20 minutes, and then switch the lights off for the magic to take place.

Back to the practical aspects – this tent comes with its own packing bag. This means you can wrap things up once the princess falls asleep and clear the room for the next play session. You can also easily take this tent with you. A portable castle that can be established in a friend’s home or even outdoors, in the backyard or in your camping site.

A gift that’s guaranteed to make any little girl beam with happiness! A perfect present for a real princess!

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