Plush Chewbacca Star Wars Toy

Chewbacca, fondly known as Chewie, is one of the most lovable characters on Star Wars. The fans’ favorite Wookie is the perfect combination of a huge badass warrior and furry teddy bear that makes the cutest sounds (at least, I think they’re cute, don’t you?)

This plush Chewbacca doll can make a great gift for kids of all ages. Those old enough to enjoy Star Wars will instantly recognize it and will enjoy it for the geeky room decor item that it can be. Younger brothers and sisters can be told all about Chewie, his strength and bravery, as they enjoy cuddling with this fluffy alien hero!


There is nothing scary about this little guy. He’s 7″ tall and is more of a Chewie caricature, soft and cuddly, with its huge head and small arms and feet. Almost like a baby Wookie!

In fact, how about this as a gift for a child whose parents are Star Wars fans? They’ll be thrilled to have their toddler carry his own Chewie around the home, or they may just covet it and keep it on their desk 😉

Check out this licensed Star Wars merchandise on Amazon for an original gift for the child of a geeky family.

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