Piggy Banks For Boys: 5 Awesome choices

The other day I was approached by a friend looking for an educational gift for her grandson. She wanted something that will teach him about saving money and naturally, a piggy bank was what she was looking for. The problem? He is a boy. As much as I’m not keen on gender-bias in gifts, I could see why she wasn’t thrilled with all of the girly pink monetary swines out there. So, for my dear friend A., here are some awesome piggy banks for boys that I found on Amazon.

They can make a great gift for girls too, mind. I just think no boy can complain about any of these being too girly for him. And so, without further ado –

Piggy Banks For Boys

1. The blue & green polka dots piggy bank

piggy bank for toddlers

Nothing manly about this cute dotted piggy, I know. It is a great option for toddlers and younger boys though and it’s a classic, so worth mentioning. I think it has value in terms of room decor too, so the toddler’s parents will appreciate it as well. Click to see more on Amazon.

2. Miles Kimball Personalized Kids Piggy Bank

Personalized piggy bank for boys

Did you know Amazon now offers personalized items as well? I think this blue ceramic piglet is a great choice for any boys aged 3-6. You add the choice of name and the artist will personally add it to the piggy bank. A great gift for boys with relatively short names as it’s only 6.5 inches long. I wouldn’t choose this for any name that’s longer than 4-6 letters.  Click to see more on Amazon and order yours.

3. For the Sports Fan – The Baltimore Ravens and other teams


Nothing girly about this dark purple angry boar now, is there? Piggy banks for fans of basketball, football or baseball can make an awesome gift for any boy, as long as you know which team to choose. Do not make the mistake of getting him memorabilia of the rivaling team!

Check out the Baltimore Ravens piggy bank shown here and see more teams featured in the same listing.

4. The Money Savvy Pig

money savvy pig

Why settle for simple savings when you can teach a kid how to allocate money for different purposes? This piggy bank adds educational value to saving. It can get kids to think about what money can be used for and how to plan ahead. It’s never too early to teach basic financial skills and I really like that there are four separate compartments here, transparent and clearly marked. Click to see this product on Amazon.

5. The digital piggy bank


Boys love gadgets (girls do too!) so this digital piggy bank can be a real hit. Seeing the sum of money grow every time to insert a coin gives an instant boost of satisfaction, encouraging the child to keep on saving. I like how the bottom is transparent so that there’s a clear (pun intended!) connection between the digital reading and the actual money stored in the coin bank. See this product on Amazon – the price may surprise you!

So, there you have it. Pink be gone! Five awesome choices for boys of any age. And that’s when you want actual piggy banks for boys. There are non-swine alternatives out there as well. In fact, I’ll blog about them too sometime. Until then, enjoy teaching kids about saving!

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