On-Task On-Time For Kids

Here’s a gift for kids that will make parents happy. In fact, it’s probably best given to children by their parents.

As a Mom, I know just how difficult it can be to battle with your child when you’re in a hurry. Take this morning in our household, for example. Dad in a hurry, to get to a meeting in the office, and we all need to be out the door on time, so we can drive him to the train station and the kids to school. Our five year old boy has other plans… taking the morning as slowly as he possibly can. We have to keep showing him the clock, but hey, it’s just a bunch of numbers and dials up there – not very meaningful when you are five years of age, is it?

Just for those situations, a friend recommended the “On-Task On-Time” system. A mother of three (aged 3, 6 and 11), she says this colorful wall-mounted  gadget has changed their life. Based on a timer, this is a time management system that uses colorful drawings to organize the different day routines.

Each family can create their own disc, using the stickers in the set. Three routine discs are available (morning, afternoon and evening), so you can fit in a variety of activities for each time of the day. The child can then see for herself what needs to be done, as well as what new tasks are on the agenda.

It does work, transforming daily routine from battle with a “nagging parents” experience, into a journey towards independence and self-reliance for a child.

So, not sure if this qualifies as a gift for kids per se, so maybe a gift for families? It’s available here at Amazon, so have a look and see if this gadget may be the right thing for yours.

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