More Ride-On for Toddlers gift Ideas

Still staying with the young ones, I want to share with you three fabulous ride-ons for children aged 1-3. With these models, the little ones don’t need to pedal anything just yet – simple foot to floor is all that’s needed (or an adult for using the rear engine option, of course). What I really love about these is the imaginative designs. If it wasn’t for their size, designed for toddlers, I can assure you they would have been just as appealing to my six year old.

Here are my recommendations, lower price first (quoting prices at Amazon during the writing of this post) –

The Bulldozer Ride-On

At only $29.52 I find this one to be a perfect gift for most little boys, and for some little girls too. If they love Bob the Builder, they’ll love having their own bulldozer. It has not only active steering, but also an operable blade with an easy to grasp handle! Along with some music and sounds, this one is perfect for the very young engineer.

The Train Ride-On

This ride-on is just so full of potential when it comes to role play! Perfect for young kids, to tow their favorite toys with around, making a “real” train out of this cute locomotive. It comes highly recommended by other buyers, and I can see why! I think it’s amazing that you can get such a great durable toy at under $40!

The Police Car Ride-On : Little Tikes Patrol Police Car

Who doesn’t want to be a policeman? or a policewoman for that matter. This awesome police ride-on is sure to be an instant hit with any child. This coupe-styled car is larger than the other ride-ons reviewed in this post, but it’s still foot-to-floor, so even younger legs can operate it with ease. Entering the ride through a proper door, the child gets a more realistic “driving” experience. The battery-operated lights and sounds all add, of course, and I can see how why this model soon has become very popular with the young cops out there. At $69.95, it’s a more expensive model than the previous two, yet it is larger and provides a much more car-like experience for slightly older toddlers.

There is an absolutely HUGE selection of other ride-ons at Amazon, with any childhood fantasy fulfilled. Little airplanes, tractors, animal-shaped rides, you name it – you can find a perfect gift for any younger kid with these. Here’s a link for the bestselling push ride-ons on Amazon – easy to order from this reliable source and they ship anywhere in the continental US –
Best Selling Push ride-ons at Amazon

The Green Angle: As with other ride-ons, these are not easy to recycle, yes they can be used for many years and passed on to young children in the family.

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