Melissa and Doug Easel Set for Kids

My five year old son is great with computer games, but now that he needs to be prepared for school, it’s time to work on his drawing and writing skills. With looked for professional advice and he’s actually been taking lessons. One thing his teacher said was you have to make drawing a lot of fun. Another recommendation was to get an easel, or a wall board, as apparently it’s easier for younger children to draw and write on a vertical surface across of them.

So, with that recommendation in mind, I went searching for easels, and it gives me great pleasure to recommend to you the Melissa and Doug wooden easel. This item is immensely popular on Amazon, and is actually high on the “wishlist” – the list where people enter what they wish someone else would have bought for them. There you go then – an excellent gift for kids that famlies actually want:


The Melissa and Doug Easel Set (cute kid in the picture not included!)

Like all Melissa & Dough products, this one is about solid quality. Extra wide with two sides, one is a chalkboard and the other a dry erase board. Both sides can hold paper as well, using four colorful clips and the paper roll holder. Kids will need help setting up the paper, but I think that’s a good thing. I wouldn’t want my kids to be able to put up the paper on a whim, as they can easily go through an expensive roll without getting too much work done. The two sides mean you can either set up paper on one side and let your kid explore two available mediums at a time, or you can have two kids using the easel at the same time.

The board is adjustable so you can change the height as the user gets taller. It’s made from quality wood – with the same high standards Melissa & Doug have about quality materials and construction. This easel is good enough to last for years, and even generations.

There’s a special price now on Amazon for this awesome item, so hurry up and buy it here. For a real perfect gift, I would suggest adding these two items:

Melissa & Doug Deluxe Easel Companion Set

Melissa & Doug Deluxe Easel Paper (3 pack bundle)

While you have one roll of paper and basic coloring materials with the original easel set, these will truly complement your gift and make it last!

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