Martian Matter Alien Maker Playset

Wow, cool! Was my son’s response when I showed him this set. I guess we know what to get him for his birthday… A safe choice, when you read the reviews by other customers who bought this from Amazon.

For kids, what you have here it 2 cans of Meteor Mud, three bottles of Lunar Lava and alien half-molds which you can mix and match to create multiple unique alien figures combos. They come with their own spaceship too – for hours of fun imaginative playtime with your crew of extraterrestrial critters.

For parents, you get a high-quality set, that will intrigue your kid into hours of creative work. No baking or any other treatment is required – the clay is high quality and will set in the mold within several minutes (or, if needed, mixed with a little water, will become flexible again).  The funky design and the very theme are likely to keep kids aged six to 10 happy, and the price… well, at under $20, I think it’s excellent value for money.

Click here to read the reviews, check out the product description and order from Amazon.

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