littlest pet shop – the plush .com version

Following the last post about Littlest Pet Shop Playsets, I figured I should also mention the .com alternative: playing in the LPS online world with your own unique character, while snuggling the plush representation of  that character.

I guess you could say this is a webkinz kin, as the concept is very similar. A plush toy, cute and cuddly, that comes with its own unique ID number. Log into the Littles Pet Shop website and enter your code to have your new pet show up as character in that world.

This line is also known as the VIP line, where VIP stands for Virtual Interactive Pet. There’s a large selection of pets already, with the most popular being the LPS VIP cat:

And yes, they all come with that typical wide-eyed look that is quite fashionable these days. Kids like it, and many grownups too. There’s more than just the cat, obviously, with some cute turtles, bunnies, dogs, panda bears, monkeys and more, all awaiting their new owners.

Click here for the LPS VIP cat or  here to see more VIP pets by Littlest Pet Shop.

My bottom line? A cool gift for kids, at very affordable prices. These VIP pets will cost you anything from $8 and upwards, and that includes not just the plush toy itself, but access to hours of playtime on their website – quite a good deal IMO.

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