Little Tikes Jump ‘n Slide Bouncer: The Gift That Gets Kids To Go Outside!

Looking for a really awesome gift for summertime? One that will get toddlers and young kids absolutely crazy with joy? Look no further: The Little Tikes Jump ‘n Slide Bouncer is the kind of gift that will dazzle parents and kids alike!
Little Tikes Jump 'n Slide Bouncer

First, my usual rant: The year is 2016 and kids have tablets, phones, TV’s and computer screens that keep them busy. Digital screens are virtual kid magnets and one thing they all have in common is that you can’t really use them outside, under the warm rays of summer sun. It’s not just teenagers either. Toddlers as young as two know how to play computer games and have apps designed just for them. And don’t get me started on TV…

Are kids today doomed to be screen-zombies? That’s what my mother-in-law calls them. And she doesn’t like it one bit. I’m more relaxed about the use of digital gadgets but I do think summertime was meant for spending at least some time outdoors.

So, how do we get them to play outside?

I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again: Offer kids something more attractive outside. I posted earlier this month about a fun outdoorsy game for kids aged 4-12. Time now to recommend an awesome gift for toddlers for summertime.

The Little Tikes Jump ‘n Slide Bouncer

Grandparents, if you’re reading this post and want to get your 3 year old grandkids out to play on the lawn, this Little Tikes bouncer is the gift you should be getting them! It’s safe, durable, easy to setup and easy to store and best of all – kids LOVE it!

Little Tikes is a known and trusted brand of inflatable bouncers and Amazon reviewers rave about this one. It’s large enough for several toddlers to play in together (always supervised, of course!) and yet not too large. Some reviewers mentioned how they’ve set it up indoors as well, in a large living room or basement. It comes with its own blower that is not too loud and won’t make the neighbors hate you.

The Jump ‘n Slide model is perfect for toddlers. It has tall mesh walls around the jump zone to make sure no kid gets bounced out of the bouncer. Anchor it to the ground with the included stakes to make sure it never topples over. It is 12 by 9 feet, so has enough room for up to three little ones to jump around. They’ll love the slide too!

The people over at Little Tikes created an affordable bouncer without compromising on anything. They even included side baskets where you can store the kids’ shoes while they’re jumping around.
Bouncer side pockets

Speaking of storage solutions, did I mention how easy it is to pack it all up when you’re done and store it? It will last for years like this, properly stored in your garage to be used during summertime.

Easy to pack - Little Tikes Jump 'n Slide Bouncer

This is one of Little Tikes’ most affordable models. I’ve checked others and I liked this one best for its price too. Click here to see the current price tag and more info on Amazon (if you have Amazon Prime, shipping is free!)

Little Tikes also offer a covered model with that offers shade. That’s something you may want to invest in though it’s a bit more expensive. I actually think the cheaper model is just as good and tying a large sheet for a canopy above it shouldn’t be too much of problem. I did want to mention it here because while I think it’s good for kids to spend some time out in the sun, it’s also important to keep them safe from too much sunshine. Also, make sure everyone is wearing sunscreen and hats!

Let me know in the comments section what kind of toys and games make your kids play outside. Enjoy summertime!

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