A laptop for kids – an educational toy?

Recently, a five year old girl managed to surprise me when I asked her what she would like to have for her birthday. Her reply was: “a laptop”! Her Mom – a good friend – explained later that both parents had laptops and Cloe would often watch them work on their respective sleek mobile computers all over the house. No wonder that she wanted one for herself!

With her birthday coming up, I told her Mom that I will get Cloe a laptop. You should have seen the look on her face 😉 She only calmed down after I assured her that Cloe’s lap-top will be a toy, suitable for her age, and not something she could actually surf the Internet with (yes, like many other kids her age, she CAN surf the net).

bratz laptop

Apparently, Cloe isn’t the only child out there wanting her own fake lappie. With quite a huge selection available in the stores, it has become quite a popular toy for kids. And it’s more than just a piece of plastic too. These gadgets come equipped with built-in electronics that can supply hours of entertaining and even educational playtime.

The one I bought Cloe was this gorgeous Bratz Laptop. It is such a pretty girlie gadget, it made her mom jealous 😉 As you can see in the picture, the screen itself is rather small, but that didn’t stop the little girl and her friends from spending hours playing on it, so I’m told.

Is this an educational toy? I think it is. On top of the learning skills required for operating the games, I think that the very sense of “owning” their own computer is good for children at this day and age. I am sure Cloe will be spending countless hours on a real laptop someday, and hey, I was the one who introduced her to that wonderful world of typing!

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