Kinetic Sand: Shimmering Snow Olaf

Kinetic sand is an incredible invention. If you’re not familiar with it yet, it’s basically 98% sand (silica) and 2% silicone oil, which come together to create a perfect “wet sand” effect. The grains stick to each other, lending themselves quite wonderfully to sculpting and molding and they seem to be making a good effort not to stick to anything else, so you don’t really lose much in the process. You can easily gather everything back to the playset, leaving the area clean and the sand ready to be played with again in the future. Magically, the stuff doesn’t dry up, so it’s meant for multiple use and in that respect, beats any form of playdough.

Now, check out this set of Kinetic Sand turned snow and available on Amazon
In this set, kinetic sand turns into kinetic snow as it comes in brilliant bright shimmering white. This set contains a pound of the stuff, along with molds with which to create the heart-touching characters of Olaf and Snowgie from the Disney movie Frozen. Was your daughter an Elsa or an Anna on the last Halloween? ┬áThen she’s going to love playing with this set. The nice thing about it is that it’s kinetic sand, so if she gets tired of using the same mold, it can just be played with the same way as any kinetic sand, only with a touch of glitter!


Check it out on Amazon and order a set for that special Frozen fan in your life

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