Kapla Blocks

My boys love building blocks of all kinds. My 6 years old in particular, is natural born architect who loves building very complex structures. He can go on for hours, delicately balancing blocks and stacking them up. And yes, I can go on for hours talking about my talented kids ;), so I’ll stop now.

If you have a little architect in need of building materials, then the a Kapla blocks set is the perfect gift for him or her.  These blocks look very simple. They’re all the same shape, four inches long, one inch thick, made of plain wood. The trick is the precise laser-cut which makes them such reliable building blocks, allowing kids with some patience, to build magnificent structures. There are even Kapla Blocks books with ideas for things you can do with these!

Highly recommended for young architects – click here to get these blocks from Amazon.

The Green Angle:

Well, these blocks come in a natural wood shade, but they certainly are green. Actually, you can get them in colors too, all water based and toxin-free. The blocks are made from pine wood, grown in sustainable woods and Kapla is committed to recycling every possible part used in their production. You could mention this along, as you gift this wonderful product – young designers love saving the earth!

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