Island of Gorm Playsets

Didn’t you hear? Bakugan is out. Long live Gormiti – the new rulers of nature and of our kids.

It sounds Italian and indeed this show was created in Italy. However, the formula of ordinary kids turned into rulers of forces of nature works its magic across the globe. The kids are hooked.

The added bonus is the commitment towards caring for the environment. At least they have a positive goal.

So, what do you buy a young Gormiti fan?

You could get away with a miniature Gormiti action figure. In fact they’re so small and relatively inexpensive, they always come in packs of four. Like this one, containing, ummmm…. two sea gormitis and two forest ones. And I didn’t even read the product description, I’m just a very good Mom 😉

Click here for more packs of Gormiti Action Figures.

However, if you really want to shine through, I highly recommend getting the young environmentalist a good quality Gormiti playset. The world of Gormiti is on the Island of Gorm, an island made of several zones: sea, air, forest, lava etc.

Gormiti playsets can be hard to get a hold of. Fortunately, Amazon now has three of them, so you can choose between the Forest, Fire Mountain and the Volcano (don’t ask… but if you insist, a fire mountain in Gorm is not the same as a volcano, and the magma tribe is different from the lava tribe).

I recommend the pop-up Forest Gormiti set. It has good customer reviews, and well, doncha know forest gormiti rock?

Click to Buy the Gormiti Forest Playset

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