Illustory: create your own book

It really warms my heart to see just how popular the Illustory is.

This wonderfully creative idea lets kids (or grownups, for that matter) to create an entire printed book in hardcover. Their storyline, text and illustration are the elements that make up an entirely professional looking book!

What a great way to encourage school children to write and draw and what a magnificent way to preserve their work, literally for generations to come. It’s a wonderful gift for the holidays, that can provide the entire family with hours of quality time together during cold evenings.

The Illustory kit includes everything they need to start creating. The only ingridient to add is imagination! This kit you see here contains 18 book pages, 2 cover pages, 10 washable markers, story web planner, instructions, order form, and prepaid envelope. Parents can take the time to plan out the story with their kids, draw and write. Once everything is ready, it can be mailed in (or uploaded online) and your book will be shipped back to you within a few weeks.

To be honest, I wasn’t sure this would be an attention grabber, but you can’t argue with success. It’s a best seller, and as I said really warms the heart to see such a wave of creativity leading to the creation of unique and very personal books. What would old Gutenberg say to that?

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