Hullabaloo – Active Play Console with Pads

When shopping for gifts for kids, there is always the easy choice of a DVD movie or a computer game. All you have to do is pick the kid’s favorite super hero, or just get the latest bestseller. Very hard to miss with these, really. Then again, whenever I reach out for one of those on the shelf, I keep getting the image of your average couch potato, wondering whether I’m doing that kid any good by enticing her or him to spend even more time in front of the screen.

Then again, kids today adore gadgets and electronics, so what can you do? Well, variety is key, of course, but one of my favorite solution is a gadget that also makes the kids move around. And this is exactly what the Hullaballoo is:

Essentially, it’s an easy to grasp and use musical console that, along with rythmical music, gets players to jump around and perform moves, some of them fairly complicated and involving more than just the legs… as the pads monitor performance.  It tells you what steps to make and creates a challenge with a multitude of different combinations. It has both beginner and advanced mode, so kids of various ages can play this (as can their grownups).

You can actually see this system in action on Amazon – click here for the product page, where you can see a demo movie of the Hullabaloo and order with the great price available on Amazon.

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