Hot Wheels 9-Car Gift Pack

Speedy car fun rules! Vroooom!

Nothing quite like getting behind the wheel of a sports car, is there? At least for this Mom. In fact, a minivan is fun too, if you go on a proper cross-country road trip. Been there, done that, but I digress.

After all, kids can’t drive and we’re here to discuss gifts for kids, not their (well-deserving!) Moms.

Some people will tell you that boys love their cars. They do. Many girls do as well. So, please, consider this set as gift for a boy or a girl. In fact, it’s great for more than one sibling, with nine separate die-cast Hot Wheels toy cars.

These quality miniature vehicles are 1:64 in scale quality models. They’re good enough to be more than toys for kids: They are genuine collectors’ items and the recipient of this set should be made aware of that. Many kids love to have their own “collections” and may appreciate the idea of starting their own toy cars collection, in addition to actual playtime. Hot Wheels have several of these nine-vehicle sets and each one includes an exclusively decorated car, for added value.


Then again, even without starting a collection, just playing with these is pure joy. These vehicles are made with great attention to details, are colorful and well-styled and each has its own character. They’re just the kind of toys that can last for many years, and even passed down through the family, simply because they are of such good quality.

Read the reviews to see how much others enjoy them and order a set for your favorite kid on Amazon.

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