Horse-themed Sticky Mosaics Crafts Project

Sticky mosaics are an awesome way to incorporate creativity with the meditative qualities of repetitive crafts.  Kids may be too young to crochet or knit but as soon as they turn 3 (and some earlier than that) they should be able to lay down one o these quality sticky tiles. This set has four projects with a total of 2100 glittery shiny tiles, so  while a 3-year-old will probably love to try and stick a few, it’s targeted at older children. According to reviewers on Amazon, kids aged six to twelve had a great time working on these projects and they managed to go through them in their entirety.

sticker mosaics gift for kids

It’s a fantastic gift for girls who love horses and enjoy doing crafts. It’s great for a family with more than one kid of the right age span, with four projects to be completed. A great craft to do together, or one project per kid, and the results are actually pretty enough to be kept and put on display in the kids’ room!

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