Friendship Bracelets for Crafty Kids

With my two lovely nieces staying over with us for a few days, gifts for girls are on my mind this week. Yasmin’s birthday is coming up, and I am busy looking for a perfect gift for a 5 years old girl. Well, expect some posts with cool girly stuff, simply because I’m there right now 😉

This post is about a gift that’s probably more suitable for slightly older girls. Well, I’d love to buy one of these for myself! I mentioned how I adore quilts before, and I’ll freely admit now, I love crafts of all kinds. Quilts are a bit out of my league, really, but I love stitching and anything that has to do with fabrics and threads. So, browsing Amazon for gifts for girls, this set caught my eye – the Alex Friend to Friend, with two wheels that help you set unique patterns on friendship bracelets. Make no mistake, my boys will be getting one of these when they get older – as they both like crafts too – but apparently Amazon thinks this is for girls. Oh well.

I’ll leave you with some pictures of those awesome friendship bracelets sets. I am this close to ordering one myself… I hope I have the strength to wait till my kids are older, just so that I have an excuse 😉

friendship bracelets make great gifts for kids


Can’t wait for my own kids and my nieces to reach the right age!

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