Fly and Learn Globe

Traveling around the world is something that never fails to excite children. Now, getting them a trip abroad as a gift would be probably be appreciated but might be a bit out of your budget range for that next birthday party 😉 Here’s a cool alternative – and trust me, any kid aged 5 to 12 is bound to get excited over this cool gadget:

Remember how you got excited when you saw your first globe? Being able to view all those exotic places from above, swirling the round globe about and letting your finger randomly land on some foreign land?

Well, kids can actually do that with the electronic globe, but they can also do so much more! You see, this globe can talk and teach children about all those wonderful far away places and people. Kids can use the built-in joystick to navigate the face of the earth in all directions, with a little pilot in a plane that “reads” its location and reports back with information about the geography, places, people and their culture.

A great teaching tool and a fun game – all in one. This gadget is one of the coolest educational gifts around.

You can click here and get the full product description from Amazon and order it to go to the recipient of your choice, at a great price too!

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