Explore the World: EyeClops Bionic Eye

There is a list of cool instruments parents feel inquisitive young minds can benefit from. Telescopes and microscopes are both high on the list. I remember my own excitement when I received my own microscope as a child. I spent hours upon hours preparing interesting samples to view, then sat down crouching over the black heavy device to explore the wonders of the world.

Well, as with all those classic toys: welcome to the third millennium, where things are better, easier to use, and even much cheaper. Introducing the latest hot gadget and Amazon bestseller: the EyeClops Bionic Eye:

This is so much better than my old microscope! No need to prepare anything, just plug it into the TV, and use the hand-held mobile “bionic eye” to explore the world. It can magnify things up to 400 times larger than they are, and display them on the big screen for the entire family to enjoy. Ease of use is affected in many ways: all you need to do to set this up is just plug it into your TV and switch it on – no software installation. The device itself is easy to hold and allows kids to safely explore the world of all small things.

It’s not that expensive either – down from $50 to under $25 on Amazon for the holidays. Free shipping will get this gadget to homes in the continental US before Christmas Eve, so here’s another recommendations for late shoppers looking for a super cool gift for kids that the whole family will enjoy:

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