Educational Science Toys for Kids

Science toys can be a great choice when you’re looking for a unique gift for a special kid.

  1. They are educational – you know the kid will actually benefit from them while playing.
  2. Grownups love them and they’re likely to become the center of parent-child interactive playtime.

Still, finding good quality, interesting educational science toys for kids can be a challenge. It’s why I got very excited when I found InnovaToys: An absolute treasure cove of cool gadgets and science toys. Be warned – their gadgets are not necessarily for kids, so you’re more than likely to end up ordering some stuff for yourself or your friends. If you love nifty tricks and gadgets, you’ll find some irresistible items in there.

I want to highlight some of the stuff InnovaToys have that I think can be just the thing as a fun, interesting and educational  gift for the younger generation. What I like these is that they utilize science/physics without being overly didactic. Curious kids would want to know how they operate, opening the door for a science lesson, but they may also be perfectly happy just enjoying the cool effects and appreciating the wonders of nature, science and technology. For today’s post, here are three products that can make a wonderful fun and educational gift –

Mathmos™ Air Switch TC

Mathmos Air Switch TCLiving in a world where they have to obey parents and other adults, kids love exercising an amount of control over their surroundings. This lamp can be a wonderful hi-tech addition to their home decor, while allowing them to carefully control the amount of light it makes, literally with a wave of their hand.

This lamp has an IR sensor that can tell how far away a hand is and adjust light intensity accordingly. Any kid would have a blast turning the light up and down by carefully moving his or her hand up and down. Plus, it’s a cool room decor item!

Click for the unique Mathmos hand-controlled lamp

Snap Circuits® pro

Six months ago, when we visited London, my then seven and a half years old son spent hours at one place: the electronic circuits stands at the Science Museum. He enjoyed them so much, we had to go there twice.

We got him his own electronics kit soon after, so I can wholeheartedly recommend this one. It is just what kids need for their introduction to electronics. Easy-to-handle colorful parts with which they can build hundreds of projects, including such wonders as an FM radio, an adjustable light control, a digital voice recorder and many more. The perfect gift for engineer wannabees!

Click here for the Snap Circuits Pro

Oggz Color-Morphing Eggs

Oggz Color-Morphing Eggs Whether or not these ignite a scientific discussion about the meaning of light and colors, it’s going to appeal to kids of all ages. You can’t go wrong with alien-looking eggs that keep changing their colors as they light up. Cooler than a lava lamp, younger kids will love weaving stories around this magical gadgets, while older kids will appreciate the futuristic home decor element.

Click for the Color-Morphing Eggs on InnovaToys

Like these gadgets? Have other favorite science toys to share? Do use the comment form and leave your print on this post.

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