5 Awesome Dinosaur Coloring Books For Under $6

I think “awesome” is a great adjective to use for anything that has to do with these huge extinct reptiles. They’re literally awesome in the “formidable” sense of the word, which is why kids love them so much. Here’s a great way to get kids of all ages to interact with their favorite gigantic animals: Get them dinosaur coloring books!

Unlike books that teach you how to draw which can be very frustrating for those who are not the world’s greatest artists, coloring books are for everyone. Even toddlers can enjoy them, if you get them the right ones, where the drawings are large enough and without too many details. I think they can make really good gifts for kids, so here are four of my favorites –

1. Little Dinosaur ABC Coloring Book

dinosaur coloring book for toddlers

A great option for kids aged 4-5 who are just learning their ABC. It can complement school or homeschooling lessons, providing children with extra exposure to letters, in a fun and colorful way.

It’s very affordable too, so I’m also tagging this post for my Christmas Stocking Stuffers special!

Check out the amazing price on this right here on Amazon.

2. The Dover Coloring Book of Dinosaurs

dinosaur coloring books

Another one for the younger kids, this one can be enjoyed by toddlers that are old enough to use coloring pens and markers. The drawings are large and not too scary, making this a very popular choice among parents.

Click to see it on Amazon

3. Dinosaurs! Coloring Book by Jan Sovak

scientific dinosaurs coloring book

Older kids may enjoy this coloring book that  offers a drawing with lots of details to fill in with color. Your kid will need some patience to work with these detailed drawings but the author promises that the dinosaurs are as true to life as it can get. It may be short but it’s also very affordable and can be a great gift for the right kid!

Check it out on Amazon

4. The Amazing Age of Dinosaurs: Jumbo Coloring & Activity Book

dinosaurs coloring books

More than 90 pages – some offering activities other than coloring – in a book that’s currently sold for under $6, that’s a real bargain! Having so many pages doesn’t mean books is strictly intended for older kids. I think 6-9 would be the right age group as most of the drawings aren’t very realistic or detailed. They are very lively though and lots of fun!

Check it out on Amazon

5. Jurassic Giants


The last book on this list delivers some serious bang for the buck with no less than 400 of dinosaur coloring patterns and activities! You should definitely order your copy now at just $5.99 while these books last. You are bound to find a great recipient for this pretty awesome gift!

Check it out on Amazon here 

The really fantastic thing about ordering from Amazon is that most of these dinosaur coloring books (though not all) have their first few pages scanned into the site. You can browse through to see the drawings and figure out how suitable they are for your kid. Check them out and leave me a comment saying which ones you liked the most (or anything else, dino-related or not!)

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