Dare to Care: Pet Dragon

How To Train Your Dragon was a wonderful film which made many kids (and let’s face it, grown-ups too) wish they had their own pet dragon. If you know a kid who has been dreaming of owning a dragon since watching the film, then this would be a fantastic gift for him or her. It would make their parents happy too because hey, it’s a book, with great pictures but lots of words too!

This book – “Dare To Care – Pet Dragon”  takes on the format of a pet care guide. The only difference that instead of a cat, dog or parakeet, this one discusses proper dragon care. It will guide the young prospective dragon owner through everything dragon-related. It advocated hand rearing the young dragons and guides the reader through choosing the right breed and egg for him or her and then how to go about caring for the hatching. Everything from feeding to grooming is covered with beautiful drawings and amusing text. Of course, training your dragon and teaching her or him to fly is an integral part of caring for pet dragons and so it’s covered in detail in this book as well.  It’s actually not a bad way to show a kid just how much goes into caring for a pet – any pet – and the level of commitment required.

With kids being the target audience, the captions and paragraphs are short and easy to read and the illustrations are eye-catching. I have no doubt the adults would be happy to take a peek too!


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