Crystal Growing Set

Kids love growing things. The sense of control over a process, of understanding, initiating and cultivating a creation unique and all their own, holds a special appeal to many children. My 8 years old adores tending to his “garden” even though it pretty much consists of a single tulip.

If you’re looking for an indoor garden, and a scientific pastime too, how about buying the kids a really special crystal growing set?

The Ultimate Crystal Growing Set Kit will provide your kids with hours of entertainment. With your guidance, it can also provide a unique educational experience, as you use this set to teach them basic geology.

The set comes with instruction for 15 different crystal projects. The time it takes to grow these crystals – some of of them being fairly large – is just right for kids. It only takes a few days for these to evolve, and that means kids will have a blast checking on their garden everyday.

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