7 Novelty Coin Banks For Kids: Don’t Save Up On Fun!

Financial educations is a key skill in the modern world and we all want to teach our kids about the importance of saving money. One way to do that is by making saving more fun. These novelty coin banks for kids can do just that!

Here are seven awesome coin banks for kids that I found on Amazon –

1. Zillionz Electronic Money Jar

7 Novelty Coin Banks For Kids: : Digital money jar

This jar gobbles up coins and counts then while doing so. Kids love dropping in dimes and nickels to see how the counter keeps climbing.

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2. ATM Savings Bank

7 Novelty Coin Banks For Kids:  atm for kids

A perfect coin bank for the curious child who follows her parents around and wants to know more about the ATM. This gadget accepts money and lets you withdraw funds too. Works with both coins and notes and keeps a display of your kid’s stash. Just make sure they don’t lose their PIN number!

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3. The Coin Bank Locker Safe

7 Novelty Coin Banks For Kids: The Safe

Perfect for both make-belief burglar games and actually saving money. This safe has both a combination lock and keys. Make sure your kid doesn’t lose either!

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4. Coin eating face

7 Novelty Coin Banks For Kids: The coin bank that devours your money

Yes, it’s a little bit creepy but kids love it. This coin bank has a motion sensor which knows when a coin is coming. It’s always hungry for more coins and fortunately, it saves them up just for you. I mean, your kid.

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5. The magical bank cube

7 Novelty Coin Banks For Kids: magic coin bank

Oooh… magic! Kids love magic and enjoy inserting coins into the magic cube bank. They seem to disappear but fortunately, they don’t.

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6. The coin bank ball puzzle

7 Novelty Coin Banks For Kids: puzzle coin bank

The puzzle here is in putting this ball together. It’s not as easy as it seems and should keep a 10 years old busy for a while. Once it’s in the form of a ball, it’s just a really cool and colorful coin bank!

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7. Robotic dog coin bank

7 Novelty Coin Banks For Kids: Feed the dog

Instead of feeding just any old piggy bank, why not place your coins in this cute dog’s food dish? He can lick them up and then hold guard over them. Kids love the robotic action and having a best friend look after their stash.

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So, what do you think? I think it’s way cool that there is such a great selection of gadgets designed to encourage kids to save up. In fact, some of these can be a good gift for grown-ups too. It may not replace having an actual savings account but it’s a fun way to hint at the need to be more responsible with your money.

I’d love to hear about the coin banks for kids that you have or had back when you were a kid yourself! Leave me a comment and let me know if you had one and which is your favorite design of the seven depicted here.

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