Cat and Dog books for Kids

So many kids absolutely adore pets, dogs and cats being the most popular ones. Some kids are fortunate enough to have a pet at home, while others just have to keep on dreaming. I would never recommend bringing a pet as a gift to a kid, of course. Pets have to be members of the family, and well, you don’t just pick out a family member for someone else, do you? I do think that pet-related gifts can be a charming idea though, and I’d like to cover some options there, starting with books!

One of Amazon’s best features is the ability to see what the best sellers are. So, I went and checked the best selling Cat Books for Kids and the best selling Dog Books for Kids. If you’re looking for a great gift for pet loving kids, visit either of these links and check out the current ones.

Incidentally, I found it interesting that you have about double the amount of books about dogs, compared to books about cats. Being a cat person myself, with three cats living with our family, I admit it is a bit of a disappointment!

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