Blinky Light Toys

Warning! If you have an issue with flashing or blinking images, please do not click the links in this post!

I had to think long and hard before writing this post promoting Flashing Blinky Lights. I finally decided to do it without an accompanying product picture, as most of their images are… well, blinking! For myself, I can’t stand flashing/blinking images on a web page, and I am only too aware of the potential risks to seizure-prone individuals. These are not any different than any blinky light toys you see on street festivals – but combined together on a single web page…

So, why post about them? because when my six-years-old son saw their selection he kept saying, “Cooooooooool! Can I have one?”

Kids seem to have a blinking lights fetish, and let’s face it, some of us never outgrow it. Flashing Blinky Lights have a huge selection of these gadgets. From clothes pins, to hair decorations, lighted glasses to flashing jewelry and any cool party centerpiece you can imagine – they have it all. You can even get them in bulk, making for great party gifts to your kid’s birthday party. While I’m sure even young children will find these little pieces hugely appealing, I think they are more suitable, by orientation and design to older kids, possibly in their early teens.

Click here to view the Flashing Blinky Lights collection

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