Bakugan Battle Toys

Bakugan is all the rage with my two boys these days. I wasn’t sure what it was about, but I noticed them playing imaginary Bakugan games, collecting little stones, round pine cones etc as their Bakugan weapons. Or something. I did ask! I got a long stream of babble about other dimensions, aliens, and battle stories. Welcome to the generation gap, Mommy!

So, we bought them a Bakugan set ordered from our favorite online shop: Amazon. It arrived within days, in perfect condition (which we’re used to by now, when delivered by Amazon). So, now I know what all the rage is about, and why round objects were in demand. A bakugan is a ball of plastic, essentially. You roll it unto one of the magnetic cards that comes with your set and voila, it pops open to portray one of six fighting monsters. This is what it looks like (our set had six varied bakugans – in six different colors):

My kids knew each one by name and had no problem following the game instructions. They were excitedly running battles within minutes. I was impressed with the quality of the cards and bakugans. For under $20, this is a fairly well-designed and well constructed game. Most importantly, the kids LOVE it and have already hooked up with the neighbors’ kid for a series of inter-galactic battles.

There are more Bakugan battle toys to choose from. When I showed my son the search results for Bakugan on Amazon
, he went “wooooooowww!” and agreed that any of these will be a neat gift for kids his age. We’re talking 6+ kids here, and make sure they actually watch and like the show – although most of these toys are just very cool looking and have that added “action figure” zest that boys of this age group love so much. Hard to go wrong with any of these:

Just click on the items to get to the product page on Amazon – it’s as easy as that!

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