Air Hogs Havoc Heli

This gadget is absolutely amazing. For years, my husband had wanted a remote controlled flying helicopter (“a very educational toy that will be teach our kids important skills”…) They used to be too pricey for us, though.

Until last year, when my parents-in-law visited China and brought back that little flying gadget! It was amazing to see how technological advances made it possible to manufacture a real working flying miniature heli for under $50. Well, I was even more shocked to see a better model, with amazing controls and extremely impressive flying abilities, at… get ready for this… under $20!

The Air Hogs Havoc Heli flies up to 100 feet high with 4-way control for flying in any or every direction. It’s not meant to be used outdoors; being so small and lightweight, it can’t really deal with any amount of wind. However, you can really maneuver this little thing inside your home, back and forth, between rooms and up staircases. Being a helicopter, you can even have it hover above a certain spot – it is stable enough for sure. And yes, it is for kids, not just Dads! It may look small and delicate, but it’s designed to withstand falls with grace and survive the training course for the younger pilot.

So, if you’re looking for a last minute gift for the Holidays, this one is guaranteed to make both kids and parents happy and provide hours of fun during the Holidays break and later on as well. Probably the best gadget for kids at under $20 for the Holidays.

Click here for the product page on Amazon

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