6-Axis Gyro RC Quadcopter With HD Camera

As a Mom in her forties I can’t help but feel impressed that something like this is now considered a toy. That you can buy a quad at under fifty bucks and it can fly, flip in the air (safely!) and film its flight. I know I’m telling my age here but I think that’s exciting! Don’t mistake the fact of it being made of plastic for being fragile or suitable only for indoor use. This quad is perfectly capable of taking to the air and flying over your neighborhood and its Amazon page has the footage to prove it too¬†and it crash lands well too.


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So, where’s the catch? Reviews say that while the camera is defined as HD, it’s not the best camera out there. Also, flight time is limited to seven minutes so don’t just be sending it off to the sky expecting it to safely lend at Grandma’s place five miles away (not even if you plan on running underneath it all the way for the remote to keep working). That said, it is under $50 so if you ask me, the fact that this thing even flies and has a camera is pretty extraordinary and makes it a perfect drone for a kid.

One word of caution. This thing flies with four propellers and can get to hundreds of feet up in the air. While it’s lightweight enough not to have to be registered by the FAA it still requires some degree of responsible handling. Please monitor children when they play with this quad and make sure they are aware of what they may and may not do with it, including respecting other people’s personal space and privacy.

Read more about this awesome quad and order yours from Amazon here

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